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Spinspeak Flows On — and On

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

New grist from the Spinspeak Industry’s satantic mills:

incompetent = massive liberal inflator label for any infraction including crossing the street against the lights and spitting on the sidewalk.

momentum investor = bizschoolspeak for stock market speculator who throws increased buckets of cash at a rising stock.

towel snapper = cutespeak pejorative aimed at diminishing a crushing response to a dumb question or assertion by comparing it to fraternity showroom antics.

person of interest = police gobbledegook for an obvious suspect who would be in the nearest lock-up if all the evidence were available.

youths = French political bravebabble for young rioting Muslim thugs occupying bad suburbs from which they prey on the rest of France; also, rioting student socialized layabouts objecting to reforms that would allow employers to fire new hires after two years.