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Quick Guidance for the Syria Spinspeak-afflicted

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Make no mistake = Warning talk for whatever follows will be 100  proof spinspeak.

Let me be perfectly clear =Warning talk for whatever follows will be a mud wall.

Hold accountable = justice spin for all the bad guys can relax and make merry.

Unbelievably small = fogspin for  an alledgedly bold military action comparable to a one-armed security guard arresting a rabid Bengal tiger.

Spinning the Syrian Debate

Friday, September 6th, 2013

proportional = military rubberspeak for we will do whatever we have to do to look as if we know what we are doing.

limited = military calmspeak for not-to-worry.

redline = dipspeak for pseudobackbone doctrine.

reset =   spinspeak for “overcharge” in Russian.

no boots on the ground = Trojanhorsetalk for lite war (fully organic, 99.9 percent fat free).

Obama OBL Spinspeak Flops

Saturday, May 7th, 2011


President Obama as a spinspeak devotee and addict fails on at least three important counts.

Two hallmarks of the world’s truly Great Spinmeisters is to know instinctively when not to spin and  secretly never to believe their own humbuggery.  It also helps to have a firm understanding of the mind of the common man.

Obama fails on all three  as he has demonstrated in handling the happy, long awaited  news of  the sudden demise of Osama bin Laden.

The hit plan was excellent;  its implementation,  superb; but its  follow-up, a Three Stooges spinspeak disaster.

First, Obama announced that UBL was killed in self defense and, in deference to Muslim custom, he was properly washed and buried  within 24 hours at sea.   Obama proclaimed that OBL  had been “brought to justice.”

Three spinspeak  problems here:

  • As the story evolved, OBL wasn’t armed; but he used his wife as a human shield; no, not exactly, but she did try to defend him and was shot in the leg; and OBL did “resist” somehow  and after all two guns were within reach. Perish the thought that the SEALs were sent in to rub him out.
  • Cleaning up OBL and sliding him into the Arabian Sea may have mollified some middle of the road Muslims, but it did nothing for rioting Islamist terrorists who pine for the Caliphate.  And it didn’t do much for millions of Americans with vivid memories, particularly when one’s distinct  memory is of Daddy jumping from the top of the World Trade Center thanks to UBL while Muslims danced in the streets. Better to talk about feeding him to the fishes.  Still better, stick his head on a pike at Ground Zero.
  • Bringing OBL to justice, is pure cotton-candytalk in view of Obama and Attorney General Holder’s long, aimless and wimpy advocacy for giving terrorists federal trails with Miranda Rights, busloads of white shoe,  self-serving,  liberal defense lawyers, endless appeals  and plenty of opportunities to posture for the Arab Street and housebroken media. OBL was indeed brought to justice, but it was clearly the satisfying   justice of the Old West.

Then we have the “shocking” picture shuffle: full living color snaps of OBL with half his head blown off; OBL being tidied and  sheeted up on a US carrier, and OBL sliding off a plank into the plankton and crabs.  Obama spinspeak  says such photos would likely stir the Arab Street into a vengeful froth thereby  endangering our troops and tourists abroad; shock the delicate sensitivities of our citizenry, and violate the beautiful appeasing thought that that is not the kind of people we are.

Again, three spinspeak problems here:

  • The Islamist crazies are already in a froth hopefully over the suddenly revived message that the United States does not  always play beanbag even with Obama in the White House.
  • Americans through the popular media are exposed daily to far more stunning  gore and gunplay than featured in a few pictures of a hit job on a hated international  villain..
  • The kind of people we are remember well with much satisfaction such  pictures as Saddam Hussein with a rope around his neck, Hermann Goering on a slab and Benito Mussolini hanging upside down with his girlfriend at a Milan gas station.  We also liked the Godfather saga.

It is obvious what happened at the OBL “mansion.”  Heroic Americans struck a great blow. Spinspeak only diminishes its effect; incompetent spinspeak only more so.

Leading the Notwar Kinetic Action from behind

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

“Leading from behind” — the Obama Administration’s latest foreign policy for dealing with Libya and presumably other unpleasantness in the Middle East – is an outstanding example of the spinspeak phyla wimpspeak.

It is, of course, something of a reversal of the hoary notion that commanders  normally  inspire their troops by leading from the front,  or at least  making some effort to look as if that is what they are doing. So-called  pure “chateau leadership”  even in 21st Century warfare is still looked down upon by warriors in the field.

However,  this newly announced spinspeak is fully consistent with the previous Obama proclamation  that an  initial  launch of hundreds of Tomahawks at Libya was “not a war” but a “kinetic military action.”  After all, from where else would you lead “not a war” but from the rear.

Apparently, the Obama Administration  has been  studying the writings  of the British military expert, Sir William S. Gilbert.  His sage counsel :

In enterprise of martial kind
When there was any fighting,
He led his regiment from behind –
He found it less exciting.
But when away his regiment ran,
His place was at the fore, O-
That celebrated,
Underrated nobleman,
The Duke of Plaza-Toro.

When to evade destruction’s hand
To hide they all proceeded,
No soldier in that gallant band
Hid half as well as he did.
He lay concealed throughout the war
And so preserved his gore O!
That unaffected
Well-connected warrior
The Duke of Plaza- Toro

Spinspeak at War

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Obama Libyan Notwar has loosed a flak burst of new spinspeak, befogging the world. Here are some early samples with definitions for the unwary:

Not-a-war or notwar = denialspeak for continuing military bombardment from ships and aircraft involving hundreds of tactical and strategic attacks.

Kinetic military action = fuzzball phraseology attempting to make war on a foreign country sound like a police chase in Los Angeles.

International coalition = Potemkinvillagetalk to provide a figleaf for a war being fought under an American commander with mostly American military forces.

No boots on ground = forked-tonguetalk to cover deployment of intelligence agents who presumably buy their boots from Home Depot.

Tightening the noose = bravebabble for wimpy efforts to accomplish overthrow of tyrants.

Obscuring the Rockets’ Red Glare

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Intensive linguistic analysis is essential to understanding the current political spinspeak drowning any rational discussion about the war in Iraq:

shift the mission, change direction, change course = all cosmetic boldtalk for “let’s quit now.” All also are uniquely solution free.

precipitous withdrawal = Halloweentalk for characterizing troop reduction no matter how vague let alone a date certain.

take our troops out of harm’s way, bring our troops home = gooeytalk for “let’s quit now or sooner.”

dwell time = extensive home leave between combat missions, the more extensive the better as a means to make conduct of the war impossible.

the surge = Pentagontalk originally for more troops but maybe not for long; now more troops for possibly several years really fighting the enemy directly as opposed to trying to get someone else to do it while avoiding casualties to placate the antiwar lobby.

support our troops = increasingly papier-mâché chatter employed vociferously by politicians primarily engaged in undercutting troop morale and the war effort.

worst president = hatetalk for the current White House incumbent (Bush II)  favored by pols who can’t spell James Carter or James Buchanan for starters.

You Can’t Figure Out the Way Forward until You Read the Triptik

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

To even attempt to understand the political brouhaha over the Iraq War, you need to understand the meaning of the following essential spinspeak soundbites:

The way forward = one way or another we are going forward just as today usually follows tomorrow: the phrase reassures, but really says nothing until you look at the Triptik to be used. (The sitting Republican President’s Triptik calls for sending in another 20,000 plus troops who may get us forward; the some dozen wannabe sitting Democratic Presidents’ Triptiks all say the way forward involves only reverse gear [see redeployment below]. No other Triptiks are on the table.)

surge = Pentagonspeak for more troops but not for long maybe.

escalation = scarespeak for here comes the Big One.

most Americans, many Republicans = political hypertalk for at least a majority of one.

redeployment = peaceniktalk for retreat “over the horizon” to Okinawa, maybe some advance readiness base near Chicago or Louisville.

Turkey with a Side-order of Spinspeak Is Still Turkey

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

And now to go with your big holiday turkey here is some newly-minted post-election spinspeak:

realist = political fogspeak for “it’s OK to give away the farm to the enemy as long as we can get the boys home for Christmas.”

situation = cosmeticspeak for a war that you would like to make disappear and that you are politically committed to lose.

ill-advised = corporatespeak for a disastrous and truly stupid idea from which you wish to extricate yourself with a shed or two of grace.

engage = forked-tonguetalk for suggesting that you can somehow wheedle concessions out of an opponent who already has deprived you of your trousers.

No One Here But Us Infidel-Hating Brits

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The foiled murder plot to blow up 10 airliners over American cities once again demonstrated how politically correct spinmeisters are aiding the Islamofascist War on Western Civilization.

Although the British police had arrested 21 alleged terrorists, early on it was all but impossible to learn from the media that they were all Muslims dedicated to killing infidels at random.

First the “suspected” would-be murderers were “young British Asians” (Chinese? Mongols?)…”British-born of Pakistani descent”  (Cambridge grads?) … “British citizens with dual nationality.”  (Liechtenstein?)  Then, they included several “pregnant women.”  Then, when the Pakistani police began making arrests, the perps were reported to include “Kashmiri militants linked to al Qaeda.”  Then some were Muslims after all but they were “white converts.”

Reuters and BBC were among the chief sufferers from the persistent myopia that makes it difficult to notice that all of these people are Muslims; and that they all think killing non-Muslims is a great idea.

Reuters, which still can’t bring itself to use the word “terrorist,” also distinguished itself in recent days with a great display of lookspin in its coverage of the Hezbollah War. Reuters graphicmagic photography included adding extra smoke to bomb shots, pristine stuffed animals and play-dead actors among the dusty ruins and encore appearances on different dates of the same screaming motherly victim of Israeli bombs.

Meantime, Iran has assured the world that Hezbollah terrorists are nothing more than “pious youths” out there achieving “God’s promises.”

Spinmeisters to the Front in the Hezbollahwar

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

As always, spinmeisters are on top of events as the Hezbollahwar in Lebanon unfolds in prime time.

Only by understanding the spin can one follow the bouncing bombs. Additions to the world lexicography of war spinspeak include:

asymmetrical war = softsoap technogook based on the same mindset as exhibited by the proverbial child who killed his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.*

immediate ceasefire = peaceniktalk for you quit while we rearm.

proportional response = peaceniktalk for gpoing easy and ineffectually on an enemy who says he wants to obliterated you as soon as he can swing it.

degrade = military softspeak that could mean battering an enemy sufficiently so that he can’t fight again for a long, long time; but also could be spin for implying that but actually doing a lot less.

peacekeeper = plastertalk inflator for what once were combat troops under bumbling UN command with faulty rules of engagement;** now non-combative bureaucratic troops under UN command who neither keep the peace nor clearly observe its violation.

* One side fights in uniform, minimizes killing non-combatant civilians (e,g., warns them in advance to get out of the way), does not use women and children as human shields and does not use hospitals and houses of worship for storing munitions or launching missiles. The other side hides in civilian clothes, maximizes killing all non-combatants, keeps its civilians in the front lines preferably where the media can photograph their bodies, finds houses of worship ideal as ammo dumps and launch pads.

**Earlier definition in Spinspeak II: The Dictionary of Language Pollution.