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Making Foreign Policy Even More “Perfectly Clear”

Friday, September 20th, 2013

International community = fuzzball  for alleged group of world powers but more likely  a ragtag pickup of  bribed followers. e.g., Honduras,  Latvia and Moldavia.

No pinprick = squarepegspeak for righteous denial that you are planning to do what you are planning to do.

Style = suckertalk for belittling  critics for expecting able execution of policy as opposed to a Rube Goldberg  performance.

Trust but verify  =  bumpersticker wishfulbabble that you have little or no expectation of doing.

“Fair Stood the Wind for France”

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Verbal star of the 2012 election campaign spin-go-round is unquestionably the word “fair” which contemporary politics has rendered meaningless.

Some examples:

 Fair wage = higher salaries and pensions for government workers whose compensation already outstrips  the private sector.

 Fair day’s work = No more than six hours a day, four days a week with 20 holidays, 30 sick days, 20 personal business days  and six weeks vacation – a package pioneered in France and Greece.

 Fair share = Higher taxes for the most productive elements of society.

As the witches once warned Macbeth:

Fair is foul and foul is fair

Hover through the fog and filthy air

Taking the Class Out of Class Warfare with Class-Warfarespeak

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Back in days of yore when kings had gout from overeating, merry-making and much drink and angry paupers with anarchist leanings and bombs  were actually poor, the phrase “class warfare”  had some meaning.

No longer.

Today any rogue or roguette can be a multi-millionaire TV king or queen for at least a fortnight  and the  “permanent poor” have cars, Ipads, and plastic food stamp cards.

None of this impinges on our  spinspeaking class warrior snollygosters who have removed all class from class warfare with class- warefarespeak.

Here is a class-warfarespeak sampler:

fat cats = rich, greedy Wall Street crooks who will remain mostly unnamed in case they want to make a campaign contribution to the speaker.

few at the top =  multi-millionaire and billionaire wastrel, depraved  sons and daughters of dead multi-millionaires and billionaires who made their money by stealing from the workers who didn’t become millionaires and billionaires.

middle class = formerly hard-working people mostly private sector seeking to improve their lot from generation to generation through their talent; now,  public sector employees seeking to improve their lot by milking the hard-workers in the private sector.

their fair share = the 63 percent of the cost a bankrupt government that “the rich” are not already supporting.

millionaires and billionaires = bad guy, malodorous definition of anyone making more than $200,000 a year except for members of the political class and their unctuous polyps.

When is a distraction a 500-pound smelly gorilla?.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Sound the tocsin.  Another fine word has been sucked into meaninglessness in  the Big Spinspeak Blender. This time the word is distraction.

A distraction is defined as something that turns  ones attention away from whatever one happens to be doing or thinking.  Often the something is an amusement or a
telephone call.   Often distraction is described as minor as in: The barking dog distracted us during the movie.  Normally, the something is not a tornado as in: We were distracted by the tornado and had to postpone the croquet game.

Therefore, distraction became forked-tonguetalk when Congressman Anthony Weiner said he was resigning because of the hullabaloo over his penchant for tweeting pictures of his crotch to young women had become a distraction.

The spin, of course, was gratefully  picked up by the growing legion of Democrat pols who know the difference between a barking dog and a 500-pound smelly gorilla.



Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The public problems of Congressman Anthony  Weiner (D-NY),  master of Tweetporn, again brings to light the vacuity of three threadbare  spinspeak biggies – old chestnuts all.

I take full responsibility =  bravebabble for:  yes I did it but don’t expect me to suffer any consequences such as resigning my office, compensating anyone with hard cash, or changing my interesting ways.

I am sorry = copout talk  (even with tears) for:  what I am really sorry about is that you caught me.

I apologize = fuzzball  for:  see how contrite I am;  but really for:  OK I said it, I said it, now  stop victimizing me, I’m only human, you know; let’s get on with the important stuff.

Spinspeak You Can Count On

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Early on the promised new “ transparency” of the Obama Administration is providing you with new spinspeak that you can count on. Some major examples:

man-caused disasters = fogwords for what the relatives of suddenly dead civilians call terrorism. The White House says the new term is broader, presumably to cover such events as worms in hamburgers. Feminist note: Fails to take into account women suicide bombers.

overseas contingency operations = cosmeticspeak for war on terror. Lowers status of WOT to being merely one of many “contingencies” such as plague, high water and outbreaks of salmonella.

private sector partners = temporary wet kiss bizschoolspeak for financially successful citizens whom the Administration and Congress normally refers to as greedy, Wall Street bandits but briefly seeks cooperation (money) before leveling on them new confiscatory taxes.

legacy assets = fuzzball for lousy subprime mortgages and other dodgy loans known as toxic assets that the Administration would like to have private sector partners (see above) take off the hands of “greedy Wall Street” bankers.

now is the time = cry-wolftalk for never mind reading through that 30-pound bill in a worldwide, unprecedented, catastrophic, deepest ever, doomsday crisis, just pass it.

The Touch of the Spinspeak Leper

Friday, February 13th, 2009

GOP Sen. Judd Gregg’s decision to withdraw as President Obama’s nominee for Commerce Secretary in the alleged Cabinet of “rivals” for which we have been waiting fully confirms the corruption and vacuity of the phrases “in a bipartisan way” and “reach across the aisle.”

“Bipartisan” and “reach across the aisle” are clearly spinspeak for “you do it our way and you get to pose with us all smiles on TV.”

To be reached at across the aisle, as Sen. Gregg has made manifest, is truly to extend the touch of the leper.  Those doing it should be forced, as lepers were in the Middle Ages, to wear numerous little warning bells and be garbed in colorful identifying leper apparel.

Essential Spinspeak for Presidential Elections

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Three essential spinspeak definitions needed to understand the run up to the November presidential election of 2008:

kitchen table = nostalgiaspin referring to the oil cloth covered tables that large, folksy Norman Rockwell families sat around in kitchens braving the challenges of the Great Depression; widely used today to give a we-the-people flavor to economic programs by scriptwriters for politicians whose idea of a kitchen table is a $10,000 designer island with a built-in wine cooler.

lipstick = female medal-of-honor spin for 21st Century womanhood. A symbol improperly employed by any male politician at his peril.

lunch bucket = nostalgiaspin referring to the ugly metal receptacle packing the poor man’s lunch of an exploited workman plodding toward another endless day in the satanic mills; widely used today to describe the early childhood of wealthy Ivy Leaguers running for high office.

Spinspeak Catch-up Report for the Wary

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Polspin Division
Practicing spinspeak in the current presidential campaign season is rampant. The target, of course, is what the pols regard as the STPs (Standard Boob Voter). Here are some definitions to help deflect the onslaught:

come together: booberyspin for an objective you have no way to achieving even if you wanted to do so. A replacement for the tattered label “bi-partisan.”

across-the-aisle: goody-two-shoes spin for where you go when you seek to come together which you won’t unless it has something to do with picking up PAC money.

refine: happyspin for flip-flopspeak. You refine your position from yes to no or back the other way according to the polls which you insist you disregard.

hope: vintage gooeytalk for the totally empty Happy Days Gift Boxes that the voter gets to fill with whatever.

change: hoary plastertalk for whatever the STBs think is in the Happy Days Gift Boxes.

context: fogspin suggesting that whatever dumb, embarrassing or impolitic thing you said is really OK if put into the context reconfiguration blender (RFB).

snippet: category-shift for minimizing a blatantly clear pattern of deplorable behavior by suggesting that reports are providing only highly selected pinhole views of events.

Adspeak Division

my doctor: phony badgetalk for the copywriter who wrote the pharmaceutical commercial as in “my doctor says this cancer cure is right for me.”

branded entertainment: fogspeak for buying inclusion of your product in a TV show in a manner that seeks to make it part of normal script.

passion: totally generic (cars, aircraft, espresso machines, insurance, cheese) vacuumtalk for describing a corporation’s feelings about whatever it happens to be peddling.

The Politics of “Politics of”

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Spinmeisters are proving that there is no subject or event that can not be immediately trivialized, demonized or exalted into nothingness with the fuzzball phrase “politics of.”

Latest example: When Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was challenged for engaging in doublespeak by some of her competitors for the Democratic presidential nomination, she claimed that she was a victim of the “Politics of Pile-on.”As every grade school good sport knows, “pile-on” is unfair. Add the phrase “politics of” and you have institutionalized it far beyond the school playground into an evil practice that can not be condoned, conveniently obscuring whatever caused the alleged pile-on in the first place.

Google now carries 97 pages of links to some kind of “politics of. ”There is, merely to skim the surface, the Politics of Hope, the Politics of Fear, the Politics of Culture, the Politics of Truth, the Politics of Slime, the Politics of Eavesdropping, the Politics of Meat and Dairy, the Politics of Narcissism, the Politics of Obedience, the Politics of Torture and the Politics of Arrogance.

Possibly the deep well of hogwash in the phrase has been best plumbed by Mothering Magazine which has explored the long, colorful history of the “the Politics of Diapers.”