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Spinspeak Catch-up Report for the Wary

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Polspin Division
Practicing spinspeak in the current presidential campaign season is rampant. The target, of course, is what the pols regard as the STPs (Standard Boob Voter). Here are some definitions to help deflect the onslaught:

come together: booberyspin for an objective you have no way to achieving even if you wanted to do so. A replacement for the tattered label “bi-partisan.”

across-the-aisle: goody-two-shoes spin for where you go when you seek to come together which you won’t unless it has something to do with picking up PAC money.

refine: happyspin for flip-flopspeak. You refine your position from yes to no or back the other way according to the polls which you insist you disregard.

hope: vintage gooeytalk for the totally empty Happy Days Gift Boxes that the voter gets to fill with whatever.

change: hoary plastertalk for whatever the STBs think is in the Happy Days Gift Boxes.

context: fogspin suggesting that whatever dumb, embarrassing or impolitic thing you said is really OK if put into the context reconfiguration blender (RFB).

snippet: category-shift for minimizing a blatantly clear pattern of deplorable behavior by suggesting that reports are providing only highly selected pinhole views of events.

Adspeak Division

my doctor: phony badgetalk for the copywriter who wrote the pharmaceutical commercial as in “my doctor says this cancer cure is right for me.”

branded entertainment: fogspeak for buying inclusion of your product in a TV show in a manner that seeks to make it part of normal script.

passion: totally generic (cars, aircraft, espresso machines, insurance, cheese) vacuumtalk for describing a corporation’s feelings about whatever it happens to be peddling.