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Spinning Boston and Syria in the Fog of the W-word

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Evil guys blow up Boston.  Evil guys blow up Syria.  No problem. The White House PCS ( Politically Correct Spin)  Machine  deals with both in the same slippery manner.

President Obama calls the Muslim jihadist attack on  Boston  a “tragedy” apparently confusing  it with something like a  play  about  King Lear’s ungrateful daughters.

Secretary of State Kerry assures everyone  that  Killer-in-Chief-for-Life Assad’s “days are  numbered”  without mentioning the number.

Spinspeak definitions:

tragedy = fogspeak for attack by Islamist warriors.

days are numbered = bravebabble  for “those guys are really losing. Really. No  kidding. Honest Injun.” Ooops! Make that read “Honest Native American.”

Maybe It WAS the Vikings or the Mongols?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

In the good,  really old old days in Europe when the big long ships with the dragons up front arrived for a little looting, murder and general rapine no one was in any doubt
that the rowdy, red-haired rowers with the horns on their hats  were Vikings.

Same goes when the peasants heard in the night  a few thousand horses coming their way. They knew immediately  that the guys with the yellow skin and slanty eyes  riding those ponies were Mongols. And their arrival was decidedly not good news.

But, as the memorial services for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and its 24-hour coverage by the Wussiland  media made clear , it was a terrible, sad event but  there was scant indication of who was the enemy.

Generally, the popular politically correct spinspeak identified the enemy as simply anonymous “terrorists ” or “terrorist extremists.” Presumably a terrorist extremist is much worse than a plain vanilla  terrorist, the sort who possibly those who use dirty knives for decapitations. But neither appellation tells you whom to avoid in dark

The Islamists (whomever they may be) don’t seem to have this problem.

Omnibus Bias

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

 William & Mary is making sure that no one on its historic lawns escapes the PC Police.

Its policy states that you could be guilty of bias in connection with “race, gender, sexual orientation (including pregnancy) or religion.”  But just in case you think you’re off the PC hook, you could fall into an omnibus category called “other protected conditions.” 

W&M urges students to use the college’s “multiple modes of reporting” (anonymous or otherwise) to stamp out bias.  Moreover, W&M urges students not to hold back if they are in doubt.  Report anyway and let the W&M PC Police decide  if “bias” has been spotted. That way W&M says it can achieve its goal of making everyone “feel at home” where presumably everyone squeals on everyone.

Spinspeak Air Cleanser Award to Hillary Clinton

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Historians generally agree only President Richard Nixon, Commie fighter extraordinaire, could have opened up US relations with Red China.

Spinspeak experts in the future may be saying that only Sen. Hillary Clinton, darling of feminist activists, could possibly have dragged the hated word “girl” into the righteous haven of political correctness. In her lifelong bid for the presidency, Ms. Clinton has told a rally of cheering union supporters “I’m your girl!” as opposed to “I’m your woman!” or “I’m your candidate person!”Her current arch rival, Sen. Obama, did not immediately try countering her move by shouting “I’m your boy!” but the campaign in still young.

Pet Funeral Biz Gives Major Boost to Spinspeak Phylum Compassiontalk

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

A Rhode Island dog and cat crematorium called Paws at Rest, doing business under the motto “We share your tears,” offers “home burial,” “marine burial,” and permanent display of “arbor emblems” bearing the name of the beloved one in a “memorial tree.”

The Shop at Paws at Rest offers biodegradable urns for the environmentally concerned and for the more affluent a “solid bronze doghouse.” For cats permanently “at rest,” The Shop offers “etched kitty urns” and an urn that looks like a ball of pink yarn.

Meantime, in England, a pet crematorium called Pets to Rest, offers, apparently for those nostalgic for The Empire, bamboo coffins. They come in three sizes with prices ranging from 47 to 58 pounds including the VAT tax. Pets to Rest is located in northwest England not far from High Hesket in the Eden Valley.

Le Spin Continues

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Not unexpectedly, as Muslim arsonists continued to burn down cities throughout France, the government plunged further into linguistic antics to deny identifying the enemy.

The Muslims, since so many are young second and third generation immigrants, are now widely referred to in the French media and by government officials and their flacks as “French youths.” Possibly Huguenots, oui? Hard to say.

Meantime, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is being blamed by the “French youths” and the government for the continued rioting for insisting on calling the “French youths” thugs and scum.

Le Spin a la Francaise

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

While embattled French police have been fighting with rioters for more than a week in Muslim-dominated suburbs of Paris, the French government has been fighting over what to call the rioters who are busy hurling Molotov cocktails.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who is in charge of putting down violent disturbances, says the rioters are “thugs” and “scum.”President Jacques Chirac says the law must be enforced, of course, but “in a spirit of dialogue and respect.”

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin says “let’s avoid stigmatizing areas…let’s treat petty crime differently to major crime.”

“I talk with real words,” M. Sarkozy responds. “When someone shoots at policemen, he’s not just a ‘youth,’ he’s a lout, full stop.”

But heaven forefend that anyone call the rioters “Muslims.”

That’s No War, Bunky, It’s Only a Struggle

Sunday, August 7th, 2005

 President Bush wins the Spin Detector Award of the Month for his insistence that the War on Terror be called just that instead of some namby-pamby bit of spinspeak.

Apparently, in an attempt to befuddle the Blame America First appeasement camp, the Pentagon had begun referring to the shooting war as the “Struggle against Extreme Terrorism.”

The overt explanation: Only the combination of military, economics and diplomacy can win. Ergo, it’s a “struggle,” not a “war.” And, if you hate the military as so many liberal leftists do, struggle (as in “I struggle to get quality time with little Amanda.”) has a nice politically correct ring.

Unfortunately, as the President pointed out, the terrorists keep on trying to kill us. That used to be called a “war.” And “W” says that is still what you call it.

Of course, the Pentagon could have fallen back on German Gen. Clausewitz’ famous definition of war as “merely the continuation of policy by other means.”

The next time the Muslim terrorists blow up some women and children or cut off some “Crusader’s” head, how would this grab you for a rousing battle cry: