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That’s No Drug-taking, Boozed-up Deviant, That’s Just a Brown Undergraduate

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

What do you call the Brown University Queer Alliance’s annual Sex Power God Party that sent some 20 students to Providence hospitals and a dozen more to Brown’s Health Services?

Well, if you’re David Greene, Brown’s vice president of Campus Life, you call it “troubling. ”In fact, you say it was so “troubling” that you are going to review university policies to discover whether “any rules were broken or not.” (Spinspeak translation: Parents, alumni and big donors, be not concerned. We’re on the case.)

Presumably, Greene will find helpful in his review the nationally-televised pictures of several hundred nearly naked gay and heterosexual undergraduates writhing drunkenly Saturday night about Brown’s historic Sayles Hall. He may also want to check on reports of “several fistfights in the campus green and gunshots fired on the streets” after a Brown fraternity party the previous evening.

Meantime, the Brown Undergraduate Council of Students is “offended” at Fox’s “lack of respect for the privacy of Brown students” and passed a resolution “Calling for Accurate Coverage of the Students of Brown University by The O’Reilly Factor and Fox News Channel.”

Among the “troubling” matters on the Fox telecast to which the resolution demands an apology is the report that hospitalized students were treated for drug overdoses of ecstasy.