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Deluxespin Delivers

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The  book, “Deluxe” by Dana Thomas, makes a major contribution to the study of spinspeak by exploring the highly commercial art of deluxespin.
Thomas catalogues brilliantly the transmogrification of personally handcrafted true luxury products sold at very high prices to mass produced faux luxury products sold at even higher prices.

At one time, the needlecrafts workers of the ateliers of France and Italy produced haute couture designed by Chanel, Valentino. Balenciaga and Yves St.. Laurent. Generations of leathercraft workers produced luggage designed Louis Vuitton. Generations of jewelry makers and goldsmiths turned out limited masterpieces for Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari. And Fabergé.In recent years, unauthorized, illegal, discredited, knockoffs of these famous brands have been manufactured in the sweatshops of North Africa and China and peddled at bargain prices on the streets of Paris, Milan and New York.

Meantime, Thomas writes, the famous deluxe brands have faced rising labor costs. Handsomely fat margins have been grossly squeezed. Accordingly, they too have taken up outsourcing to China and North Africa and other centers of cheap labor. The also have discovered ways to reduce costs through mass production, corner cutting and cheese paring.

Voila!  Through the magic of deluxespin we have to meet the demand of a rich clientele, particularly a nouveau riche clientele, hungry for the luxury brand products of old, carloads of official, approved, brand-name knockoffs priced to prove that they are more deluxe than ever.

The question for students of deluxespin and the marketing arts: How thin can the deluxe in a deluxe product be sliced before the only thing deluxe that remains like the Cheshire cat’s smile in “Alice in Wonderland” is the brand?