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>The Presidential Campaign: Full Employment for Spinmeisters

Saturday, March 13th, 2004


The presidential campaign of 2004 is joined early, providing full employment for Washington spinmeisters. The SPINSPEAK LETTER, accordingly, in its efforts to fight language pollution, begins a series of reports on the thickening clouds of spinspeak.

Here are four definitions to aid the careful voter in cutting through the murk:

crooks and liars = generic smearspeak devoid of any specifics for unidentified opponents; clearly related conceptually to such diabolictalk as the Clintonian “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

imminent = peacenik worldendtalk for establishing that only when the enemy is at the gates or coming over the walls is war justified.

neoconservative = codetalk for “right-wing Jewish warmonger imperialist” used by liberal leftists to describe former liberals converted to conservative views; the term carries strong anti-Semitic overtones and nostalgia for the old peaceloving Soviet Union.

nuance = fogword for explaining a political flipflops as in nuancing one’s position on an issue.

phony = political vacuumtalk epithet for an opponent you intensely dislike.