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>Kerry Spins Iraq

Sunday, January 30th, 2005


Some eight million Iraqis braved bombs, bullets and death threats to vote in their first free election in 50 years.

One Iraqi brought his aging mother to the polls in a wheelbarrow. Another, whose leg was blown off last year by terrorists, voted saying he would have crawled to the polls.

President Bush said “the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.”

How do you spin that if you have been forecasting with many crocodile tears that it will be a bloodbath and failure?

No problem if you are Senator John Kerry (D-MA), last seen trying to become President. Even before the polls closed in Baghdad, the Senator opined in orotund spinspeak:

“The real test is not the election…The elections don’t mean that much.”

He also added a bit of what his spindocs have called “nuance.”

“I was for the election taking place,” he said.

But to make sure that no one would get the idea that he approved of anything Bush was doing, he issued a hypertalk warning against “overhype” by the Administration.

>It’s Real Spin-Free Freedom, Stupid!

Monday, January 24th, 2005


How annoying!

Left-wing liberals have labored for years in the spinspeak vineyards to spin and corrupt the words “freedom” and “liberty” to mean license and let-it-all-hang-out: You just do whatever makes you feel good and the devil take your neighbor.

Down with self-reliance, standards and personal responsibility. Up with self-indulgence, the Victim Litigation Lifestyle and the Nanny State.

Now President Bush in his inaugural address insists on the old fashioned, common sense meaning. As, for example, in the Declaration of Independence: the God-endowed unalienable right to liberty along with a firm understanding of the Big Catch: the 10 Commandments are an essential part of the deal.

>Rathergate "Haste" Joins Kings of Spindoc Humbug

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005


The spindoc life preserver word “haste” has been unfurled like a blanket spread over an inconvenient corpse to explain the motivation of CBS News in using and stoutly defending bogus documents to influence the recent presidential election.

The independent investigators reported no “political bias” as motivation of the crowd of long-time Bush haters involved.

As Jonah Goldberg commented in National Review Online “’haste’” was the ‘enemy.’” It was “haste” that caused fake reporting, sloppy checking, the wildly risky decision to proceed with a flawed story and the subsequent stonewalling and continuing cover-up spinspeak by soon-to-be “retired” CBS Anchor Dan Rather.

“Haste” now joins the spindoc lexicon as plastertalk for: “we are sorry that we did it because it didn’t work, but don’t be hard on us because we really are only guilty of being pressured by competition to work too quickly.”

As shameless plastertalk, “haste” is not as powerful as those kings of spindoc humbug “mistakes were made” and “time to move on,” but it is definitely in the same league.

>More on Spinning "Stingy"

Friday, January 7th, 2005


Blatant use of stingy as smearspeak is analyzed at length by Columnist Ann Counter (“Liberals Love America Like O.J. Loved Nicole”) and demonstrated in a recent New York Times editorial (“Are We Stingy? Yes.”).

Two key Coulter points:

  • Stingy smearspeak is reworked with funny math. For example: Billions for “military liberation” to topple dictators (Iraq, Afghanistan, France) is defined as “destabilizing intervention” and, therefore, doesn’t count as aid.
  • Use of stingy regardless of the facts is gussied up with the fuzzball phrase “love of country” — spinspeak usage that has become almost as popular as the use among anti-war pols of the fuzzball phrase “support our troops.”
  • >Spinspeak Flows On… and On… in New Year

    Wednesday, January 5th, 2005


    Spinspeak flows imaginatively in many areas as we the world enters 2005. Some pickings from flotsam in the stream:

    suntan butler = Travel Industry inflator for a bath house attendant who arranges reflector screens and sunlamps in your hotel room. Naturally, suntan butlers cost more than mere attendants.

    acute allergic reaction = cosmeticspeak introduced in the new Russia to explain the sudden demise of inconvenient businessmen and officials.

    culmination speech = denialspeak for political concession speech which may or may not be laced with much sour-grape mashing and fogword promises of carrying on “the good fight” whatever that might be.

    militant = positive categoryshift for child-murdering terrorists whom the speaker chooses to whitewash.

    stingy = smearspeak for “you can never give enough to make up for being Number One;” much employed by Blame America-firsters and envious Europeans with inferiority omplexes.

    naming opportunity = Charity Industry cosmeticspeak for offering ego massage in exchange for sizeable (and even not so sizeable) contributions; ego massage can range from a building facade to a small (and removable) plaque on a fire extinguisher.