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That’s No Traitor, Alice, That’s Just a Whistleblower

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Whistleblower as a euphemism for treason is the hands down winner for admission this month to the Spinspeak Great Hall of Fog.

Not so long ago, even in the world’s more Machiavellian eras, very few people with more than a second grade education from public schools where they still taught students to read, write and figure had a problem with defining treason as the act of giving secrets to the enemy — particularly in time of war. A person committing such an act was called a traitor. And punishment was usually swift and public.

Not so in the case of CIA officer and former Clinton Administration official Mary O. McCarthy who has been fired from the CIA for secretly passing to the Washington Post secret information on terrorists held secretly in secret foreign prisons.

According to numerous stories in the mainstream media, she’s no traitor, she’s a whistleblower.

Furthermore, in the words of one broadcast commentator, it was also “an act of honor.”

Still furthermore, ABC-TV said everybody does it.

However, now Accuracy in Media reports that with the disclosure of major donations to the Democratic Party by both McCarthy and Whistleblowee Post Correspondent Dana Priest “the McCarthy scandal could unravel of network of Democratic Party operatives reaching into the Post itself.”