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Obscuring the Rockets’ Red Glare

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Intensive linguistic analysis is essential to understanding the current political spinspeak drowning any rational discussion about the war in Iraq:

shift the mission, change direction, change course = all cosmetic boldtalk for “let’s quit now.” All also are uniquely solution free.

precipitous withdrawal = Halloweentalk for characterizing troop reduction no matter how vague let alone a date certain.

take our troops out of harm’s way, bring our troops home = gooeytalk for “let’s quit now or sooner.”

dwell time = extensive home leave between combat missions, the more extensive the better as a means to make conduct of the war impossible.

the surge = Pentagontalk originally for more troops but maybe not for long; now more troops for possibly several years really fighting the enemy directly as opposed to trying to get someone else to do it while avoiding casualties to placate the antiwar lobby.

support our troops = increasingly papier-mâché chatter employed vociferously by politicians primarily engaged in undercutting troop morale and the war effort.

worst president = hatetalk for the current White House incumbent (Bush II)  favored by pols who can’t spell James Carter or James Buchanan for starters.