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Hillary the C. Follows John the K. down Derring-dotalk Slippery Slope

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton’s current “mistake” in her report of bravely landing in Bosnia under enemy fire that has proven to have been non-existent is an outstanding spinspeak case history on why derring-dotalk is such a slippery slope.

She might have learned from the derring-dotalk difficulties of Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), whose own 2004 presidential campaign prominently featured so many colorful Viet Nam war stories including his imaginative Christmas boat trip to Cambodia.

Clinton’s actual “mistake” was not having the National Archives or some other government agency redact all newsfilm showing her accepting flowers at the landing ceremony rather than dodging bullets. Kerry adroitly had his own jungle film taken afterward, but forgot to burn the records and shoot all witnesses

Spinspeak Rule 1 for successful derring-dotalk: Make it up out of whole cloth. Rule 2: No cameras. Rule 3: Be the only survivor.