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Essential Spinspeak for Presidential Elections

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Three essential spinspeak definitions needed to understand the run up to the November presidential election of 2008:

kitchen table = nostalgiaspin referring to the oil cloth covered tables that large, folksy Norman Rockwell families sat around in kitchens braving the challenges of the Great Depression; widely used today to give a we-the-people flavor to economic programs by scriptwriters for politicians whose idea of a kitchen table is a $10,000 designer island with a built-in wine cooler.

lipstick = female medal-of-honor spin for 21st Century womanhood. A symbol improperly employed by any male politician at his peril.

lunch bucket = nostalgiaspin referring to the ugly metal receptacle packing the poor man’s lunch of an exploited workman plodding toward another endless day in the satanic mills; widely used today to describe the early childhood of wealthy Ivy Leaguers running for high office.