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Spinspeak You Can Count On

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Early on the promised new “ transparency” of the Obama Administration is providing you with new spinspeak that you can count on. Some major examples:

man-caused disasters = fogwords for what the relatives of suddenly dead civilians call terrorism. The White House says the new term is broader, presumably to cover such events as worms in hamburgers. Feminist note: Fails to take into account women suicide bombers.

overseas contingency operations = cosmeticspeak for war on terror. Lowers status of WOT to being merely one of many “contingencies” such as plague, high water and outbreaks of salmonella.

private sector partners = temporary wet kiss bizschoolspeak for financially successful citizens whom the Administration and Congress normally refers to as greedy, Wall Street bandits but briefly seeks cooperation (money) before leveling on them new confiscatory taxes.

legacy assets = fuzzball for lousy subprime mortgages and other dodgy loans known as toxic assets that the Administration would like to have private sector partners (see above) take off the hands of “greedy Wall Street” bankers.

now is the time = cry-wolftalk for never mind reading through that 30-pound bill in a worldwide, unprecedented, catastrophic, deepest ever, doomsday crisis, just pass it.