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Anonymity for the Unauthorized: spinspeak’s new “reliable source”

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

As many a wounded pol and other masters of the universe have learned, spinspeak when attributed has always carried a deadly virus that can infect the attributor upon exposure to bright sunlight.Once upon a time the stealth solution of choice for the pols and other masters was to attribute their spin to an unidentified “reliable source.”

But “reliable source” proved eventually to provide insufficient cover particularly when it was obviously POTUS or more probably some doorman. It gave way to the identifiable and easily disposable “spokesman” and subsequently neutered “spokesperson” whose comment could always be denied.

Now, as this gambit has become increasingly tattered through terminal abuse, deeper stealth is required. The new operative mechanism for spreading spinspeak as gospel is to quote “people” or “persons” who were “granted anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.”

Who might the grantors of anonymity be? The Supreme Court? The FBI? ACLU? ICE? POTUS? We are not told.

Who refused to authorize these ghostly folk to speak publicly? Did they ask for the authority? Are they simply freelancing their biases? Are they enemy agents? We are not told.

Not to worry! Here’s what they said. You can take it to the bank if it’s still in business.