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Sound Spin Scores Again: Hear that “Big” Engine Roar

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

In the PC world of Obama Motors and green cars, Ford is pioneering a way to continue selling muscle cars and simultaneously keep the greenies in the White House happy. Ford’s secret weapon: soundspin To play on the President’s Big Green Team, Ford will have to dump the powerful V-8 engine in its popular Mustang. No problem! When Ford rolls out the four-cylinder Mustang, it is reported ready to install a new sound tube that amplifies engine sounds in the car cockpit giving the driver the feeling that he is still on a NASCAR track or the autobahn to Berlin.

The Engine Sound Amplifier is soundspin in the great tradition of such engineering marvels as New Car Smell Spray which enables car dealers to “improve” what once were called used cars but now are upgraded via the magic of spinspeak to being “pre-owned vehicles.”

Incidentally, if you like New Car Smell (aromaspin), get it quickly. The Ecology Center, an environmental group in Michigan, says that New Car Smell is “toxic at any speed.” So far, it is not clear what the Engine Sound Amplifier does to your eardrums.