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Spinspeak at War

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

The Obama Libyan Notwar has loosed a flak burst of new spinspeak, befogging the world. Here are some early samples with definitions for the unwary:

Not-a-war or notwar = denialspeak for continuing military bombardment from ships and aircraft involving hundreds of tactical and strategic attacks.

Kinetic military action = fuzzball phraseology attempting to make war on a foreign country sound like a police chase in Los Angeles.

International coalition = Potemkinvillagetalk to provide a figleaf for a war being fought under an American commander with mostly American military forces.

No boots on ground = forked-tonguetalk to cover deployment of intelligence agents who presumably buy their boots from Home Depot.

Tightening the noose = bravebabble for wimpy efforts to accomplish overthrow of tyrants.