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When is a distraction a 500-pound smelly gorilla?.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Sound the tocsin.  Another fine word has been sucked into meaninglessness in  the Big Spinspeak Blender. This time the word is distraction.

A distraction is defined as something that turns  ones attention away from whatever one happens to be doing or thinking.  Often the something is an amusement or a
telephone call.   Often distraction is described as minor as in: The barking dog distracted us during the movie.  Normally, the something is not a tornado as in: We were distracted by the tornado and had to postpone the croquet game.

Therefore, distraction became forked-tonguetalk when Congressman Anthony Weiner said he was resigning because of the hullabaloo over his penchant for tweeting pictures of his crotch to young women had become a distraction.

The spin, of course, was gratefully  picked up by the growing legion of Democrat pols who know the difference between a barking dog and a 500-pound smelly gorilla.


Bump in the Road: Spinspeak Makes Another Classic Cliché Bite the Dust

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Clichés by definition  are tired and old. Clichés lack imagination and wit. Clichés remind one of  stale vaudeville jokes.

But clichés have their uses.  No dictionary or interpreter is needed.  Your meaning is clear even to room temperature IQ audiences.  Clichés  can even be employed artfully to enrich satire.

However, when used repeatedly as obvious spinspeak, a cliché wilts and dies.

A prime example is the  talking point  “bump in the road”  overexposed by the Obama Administration and its fellow travelers to downplay a seemingly endless 9.1 percent unemployment level.

The noun “bump” is a very old  and rather nice word dating back to the l6th Century. It means protuberance, a lump  or swelling such as bump on a log or bump on the head.  Obviously such a bump is a small matter that can be overcome with an ice pack or easily driven around or over; a brief obstacle soon chuckled about over a beer.

That’s what the proclaimers of bump in the road  want you to think when you keep facing  9.1 percent continuing unemployment: It’s a temporary minor concern.  But there are  millions of  unemployed blocked by this “bump.”   That’s why “bump in the road” is doomed as a cliché and is being  relegated to the spinspeak garbage pail of economic humbug.


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The public problems of Congressman Anthony  Weiner (D-NY),  master of Tweetporn, again brings to light the vacuity of three threadbare  spinspeak biggies – old chestnuts all.

I take full responsibility =  bravebabble for:  yes I did it but don’t expect me to suffer any consequences such as resigning my office, compensating anyone with hard cash, or changing my interesting ways.

I am sorry = copout talk  (even with tears) for:  what I am really sorry about is that you caught me.

I apologize = fuzzball  for:  see how contrite I am;  but really for:  OK I said it, I said it, now  stop victimizing me, I’m only human, you know; let’s get on with the important stuff.