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Redistributing Middle Class “Billionaires”

Monday, September 26th, 2011

A handy voter’s guide to current economic spinspeak:

class warfare = reverse doubletalk  for pretending to protect the “middle class” by advocating ever popular “soak the rich” tax programs that eventually “soak”
everyone not on food stamps.

unexpected = I-am-shocked-shocked  spin for who would have ever thought that  our stupid failed policies would result in further disaster.

millionaires and billionaires  (see the rich) =  forked-tongue talk for diving into poverty anyone in what used to be called the upper middle class.

fair share = fliptalk for as much of all your money as we can get our hands on.

underlying social contract = elitist academic Trojanhorse-talk  for  the
envy-dripping belief that anyone who has more money than I do must have inherited it,  stolen it or cheated some peasant out of it  and society demands that it be confiscated and redistributed.

Maybe It WAS the Vikings or the Mongols?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

In the good,  really old old days in Europe when the big long ships with the dragons up front arrived for a little looting, murder and general rapine no one was in any doubt
that the rowdy, red-haired rowers with the horns on their hats  were Vikings.

Same goes when the peasants heard in the night  a few thousand horses coming their way. They knew immediately  that the guys with the yellow skin and slanty eyes  riding those ponies were Mongols. And their arrival was decidedly not good news.

But, as the memorial services for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and its 24-hour coverage by the Wussiland  media made clear , it was a terrible, sad event but  there was scant indication of who was the enemy.

Generally, the popular politically correct spinspeak identified the enemy as simply anonymous “terrorists ” or “terrorist extremists.” Presumably a terrorist extremist is much worse than a plain vanilla  terrorist, the sort who possibly those who use dirty knives for decapitations. But neither appellation tells you whom to avoid in dark

The Islamists (whomever they may be) don’t seem to have this problem.