Spinning Boston and Syria in the Fog of the W-word

Evil guys blow up Boston.  Evil guys blow up Syria.  No problem. The White House PCS ( Politically Correct Spin)  Machine  deals with both in the same slippery manner.

President Obama calls the Muslim jihadist attack on  Boston  a “tragedy” apparently confusing  it with something like a  play  about  King Lear’s ungrateful daughters.

Secretary of State Kerry assures everyone  that  Killer-in-Chief-for-Life Assad’s “days are  numbered”  without mentioning the number.

Spinspeak definitions:

tragedy = fogspeak for attack by Islamist warriors.

days are numbered = bravebabble  for “those guys are really losing. Really. No  kidding. Honest Injun.” Ooops! Make that read “Honest Native American.”

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