The ObamaCare Fiasco Spinspeak Guide

A careful translator’s Spinspeak Guide to the ObamaCare fiasco:

Minimum standards plan = gobbledegook for a mandated Easter Basket of medical services that you will never use or are ready to risk doing without but must pay for so others can have them free or as bargains.

Affordable = cosmeticspeak for large to very large price increases.

Misspoke = cozytalk for a much repeated, blatant lie – specifically Obama’s pledge “you can have your doctor and your insurance policy if you like them. Period.”

Glitch = plastertalk for “It doesn’t work.”

Tech surge = military herobabble for “we’ve finally recruited some expert kids to help my hack policy wonks to fix it.”

Shared responsibility fee =gooeytalk for a federal fine (tax in Supremecourt-talk) for refusing to pay through the nose for an ObamaCare policy.

Bad apple = smearspeak for “big” insurance companies who offer elderly ladies bad apple insurance policies absent such services as maternity care.

Substandard insurance = upsidfedowntalk (syn. bad apple) for insurance that does not resemble the high cost sucker package you are peddling.

Fix = wishfulbabble for an obviously dubious forecast.

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