A Fresh Potpourri of National Defense and Economic Spin

war weary = (cop-out talk)  justifying execution of a head-in-sand maneuver in the face of imminent danger.

international community = (UNtalk) a random  group of unnamed toothless nations whose support is often invoked in times of trouble

consequences = (bravebabble)  mystery marshmallow big stick.

off ramp = (diplomatspeak) = continuing pacifist pabulum offering to tiger who is eating your lunch.

Strategic patience = (bunkumspeak) = a diplomatic placebo meaning “not to worry, we will do nothing”; appeasement

More work to do = (polspeak) = a  walk away reinsurance soundbite meaning that although so far we have accomplished nothing we are hard at work in your behalf.

In the game = (majorleaguespeak) = locker room boast  that although we may look like first class losers our fighting spirit is high.  Also used as a taunting challenge — “Get in the game!” countering defeatist talk.

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