James Baar, editor of The Spinspeak Letter,  is a writer, blogger, international corporate communications consultant, former business executive and Washington journalist and sometime college lecturer. His  latest book is The Real Thing and Other Tales,  a mosaic of short narrative fiction seeking to refine golden reality from leaden spin.

Additional new short fiction includes A King for America — Secret Discs of a Royal Headhunter, an Amazon Kindle e-novella.

Baar is author of two satirical business novels, Ultimate Severance, a spin–soaked excursion through an Enroned world featuring designer murder, and The Great Free Enterprise Gambit, an instructive story about a highly hostile mega–business takeover and related humbug and public affairs; also Spinspeak II: The Dictionary of Language Pollution,  and four co-authored books on Cold War politics and technology including Polaris! and Combat Missileman. His latest foray in non-fiction, But Wait! There’s More! (maybe), co-authored with Donald E. Creamer, dissects chaos in the $500 billion global ad business and looks toward a new business model.

Baar’s initial foray into lexicography, The Careful Voters Dictionary of Language Pollution (Understanding Willietalk and Other Spinspeak), was written as an “act of penance” for his earlier commercial contributions to the Art of High Spin. 

In his business career, Baar has been Chief Operating Officer in four major public relations agencies: Hill & Knowlton Advanced Technology, Gray-Strayton, Creamer Dickson Basford and Lewis & Gilman. He was Corporate Communications Officer of Computervision Corp., Managing Director of GE’s European Communications Operation and manager of various GE PR operations in the United States.

Earlier, Baar was a UPI reporter/editor in Washington and Senior Editor of Missiles & Rockets Magazine.

He is a graduate of Union College where he majored in philosophy. He and his wife and small dog, Fred the Affenpinscher, live in Providence, RI.