Maybe It WAS the Vikings or the Mongols?

Posted September 12th, 2011 by James Baar
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In the good,  really old old days in Europe when the big long ships with the dragons up front arrived for a little looting, murder and general rapine no one was in any doubt
that the rowdy, red-haired rowers with the horns on their hats  were Vikings.

Same goes when the peasants heard in the night  a few thousand horses coming their way. They knew immediately  that the guys with the yellow skin and slanty eyes  riding those ponies were Mongols. And their arrival was decidedly not good news.

But, as the memorial services for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and its 24-hour coverage by the Wussiland  media made clear , it was a terrible, sad event but  there was scant indication of who was the enemy.

Generally, the popular politically correct spinspeak identified the enemy as simply anonymous “terrorists ” or “terrorist extremists.” Presumably a terrorist extremist is much worse than a plain vanilla  terrorist, the sort who possibly those who use dirty knives for decapitations. But neither appellation tells you whom to avoid in dark

The Islamists (whomever they may be) don’t seem to have this problem.

Spinspeak alert: Additions to the Fancy Cliché Dustbin

Posted July 20th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: forked-tonguetalk

Few verbalisms get moth-eaten faster than the self-proclaimed
congratulatory phrase.

Here are two:

Smartest person in the room = This once was Thomas Jefferson.
Now it’s someone who sits around looking superior while saying NOTHING of detailed

Only adult in the room = Maybe George Washington or Benjamin
Franklin, not the guy with the smartass smirk who waits to agree to whatever is


When is a distraction a 500-pound smelly gorilla?.

Posted June 28th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: political spin

Sound the tocsin.  Another fine word has been sucked into meaninglessness in  the Big Spinspeak Blender. This time the word is distraction.

A distraction is defined as something that turns  ones attention away from whatever one happens to be doing or thinking.  Often the something is an amusement or a
telephone call.   Often distraction is described as minor as in: The barking dog distracted us during the movie.  Normally, the something is not a tornado as in: We were distracted by the tornado and had to postpone the croquet game.

Therefore, distraction became forked-tonguetalk when Congressman Anthony Weiner said he was resigning because of the hullabaloo over his penchant for tweeting pictures of his crotch to young women had become a distraction.

The spin, of course, was gratefully  picked up by the growing legion of Democrat pols who know the difference between a barking dog and a 500-pound smelly gorilla.


Bump in the Road: Spinspeak Makes Another Classic Cliché Bite the Dust

Posted June 18th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: economy spin

Clichés by definition  are tired and old. Clichés lack imagination and wit. Clichés remind one of  stale vaudeville jokes.

But clichés have their uses.  No dictionary or interpreter is needed.  Your meaning is clear even to room temperature IQ audiences.  Clichés  can even be employed artfully to enrich satire.

However, when used repeatedly as obvious spinspeak, a cliché wilts and dies.

A prime example is the  talking point  “bump in the road”  overexposed by the Obama Administration and its fellow travelers to downplay a seemingly endless 9.1 percent unemployment level.

The noun “bump” is a very old  and rather nice word dating back to the l6th Century. It means protuberance, a lump  or swelling such as bump on a log or bump on the head.  Obviously such a bump is a small matter that can be overcome with an ice pack or easily driven around or over; a brief obstacle soon chuckled about over a beer.

That’s what the proclaimers of bump in the road  want you to think when you keep facing  9.1 percent continuing unemployment: It’s a temporary minor concern.  But there are  millions of  unemployed blocked by this “bump.”   That’s why “bump in the road” is doomed as a cliché and is being  relegated to the spinspeak garbage pail of economic humbug.


Posted June 8th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: political spin

The public problems of Congressman Anthony  Weiner (D-NY),  master of Tweetporn, again brings to light the vacuity of three threadbare  spinspeak biggies – old chestnuts all.

I take full responsibility =  bravebabble for:  yes I did it but don’t expect me to suffer any consequences such as resigning my office, compensating anyone with hard cash, or changing my interesting ways.

I am sorry = copout talk  (even with tears) for:  what I am really sorry about is that you caught me.

I apologize = fuzzball  for:  see how contrite I am;  but really for:  OK I said it, I said it, now  stop victimizing me, I’m only human, you know; let’s get on with the important stuff.

Le DSK Spinspeak Revisited

Posted May 22nd, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: sex spin

More spinspeak beclouding the evolving soap opera saga of now former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Khan (DSK) and the chambermaid:

exception sexuelle (sexual exception) = French corporatespeak for it is OK for important men to be “hot rabbits.”

consensual = cosmeticspeak that despite the facts insists that “she was asking for it.”

trapped = conspiracyspeak for blatant creation of fictional explanations of what clearly occurred.  An imaginative form of denialspeak.

a friend to women = Gallic faux signal for someone the boys at the bar call “le lapin chaud.”

Sex Crime Spin a la Franco-American

Posted May 17th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: sex spin

The alleged High Noon Hotel Caper of IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Khan in New York is already making rich contributions to the spinspeak phyla, sexcrimetalk.

M. Strauss-Khan, an expected candidate for President of France, is charged among other things with trying to rape and then “sexually abusing”  a chambermaid who entered his $3,000-a-night suite to clean it.  

sexual abuse = politically correct nicespeak for forced fellatio, bondage and other similar entertainments.

not a flight risk = forked-tonguetalk for there is no risk in letting him out on bail when, as the judge noted, the alleged perp was taken off a plane minutes before it took off for Paris.

a reputation for liking woman = cop-out talk for just a guy who likes girls. Strauss-Khan is widely reported to have an alarming record of womanizing;  described by one object of his fancy as a “rutting chimpanzee,” by others as a “chaud lapin” (hot rabbit)..

serious error of judgment = cozytalk for hoping that admission of error will make outrageous, unacceptable behavior okey dokey, at worst Gallic exuberance.

Spinspeak Paris street comment reported in the Wall Street Journal: “This is not working out well for Strauss-Kahn.”

Obama OBL Spinspeak Flops

Posted May 7th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: war spinspeak


President Obama as a spinspeak devotee and addict fails on at least three important counts.

Two hallmarks of the world’s truly Great Spinmeisters is to know instinctively when not to spin and  secretly never to believe their own humbuggery.  It also helps to have a firm understanding of the mind of the common man.

Obama fails on all three  as he has demonstrated in handling the happy, long awaited  news of  the sudden demise of Osama bin Laden.

The hit plan was excellent;  its implementation,  superb; but its  follow-up, a Three Stooges spinspeak disaster.

First, Obama announced that UBL was killed in self defense and, in deference to Muslim custom, he was properly washed and buried  within 24 hours at sea.   Obama proclaimed that OBL  had been “brought to justice.”

Three spinspeak  problems here:

  • As the story evolved, OBL wasn’t armed; but he used his wife as a human shield; no, not exactly, but she did try to defend him and was shot in the leg; and OBL did “resist” somehow  and after all two guns were within reach. Perish the thought that the SEALs were sent in to rub him out.
  • Cleaning up OBL and sliding him into the Arabian Sea may have mollified some middle of the road Muslims, but it did nothing for rioting Islamist terrorists who pine for the Caliphate.  And it didn’t do much for millions of Americans with vivid memories, particularly when one’s distinct  memory is of Daddy jumping from the top of the World Trade Center thanks to UBL while Muslims danced in the streets. Better to talk about feeding him to the fishes.  Still better, stick his head on a pike at Ground Zero.
  • Bringing OBL to justice, is pure cotton-candytalk in view of Obama and Attorney General Holder’s long, aimless and wimpy advocacy for giving terrorists federal trails with Miranda Rights, busloads of white shoe,  self-serving,  liberal defense lawyers, endless appeals  and plenty of opportunities to posture for the Arab Street and housebroken media. OBL was indeed brought to justice, but it was clearly the satisfying   justice of the Old West.

Then we have the “shocking” picture shuffle: full living color snaps of OBL with half his head blown off; OBL being tidied and  sheeted up on a US carrier, and OBL sliding off a plank into the plankton and crabs.  Obama spinspeak  says such photos would likely stir the Arab Street into a vengeful froth thereby  endangering our troops and tourists abroad; shock the delicate sensitivities of our citizenry, and violate the beautiful appeasing thought that that is not the kind of people we are.

Again, three spinspeak problems here:

  • The Islamist crazies are already in a froth hopefully over the suddenly revived message that the United States does not  always play beanbag even with Obama in the White House.
  • Americans through the popular media are exposed daily to far more stunning  gore and gunplay than featured in a few pictures of a hit job on a hated international  villain..
  • The kind of people we are remember well with much satisfaction such  pictures as Saddam Hussein with a rope around his neck, Hermann Goering on a slab and Benito Mussolini hanging upside down with his girlfriend at a Milan gas station.  We also liked the Godfather saga.

It is obvious what happened at the OBL “mansion.”  Heroic Americans struck a great blow. Spinspeak only diminishes its effect; incompetent spinspeak only more so.

Leading the Notwar Kinetic Action from behind

Posted April 26th, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: war spinspeak

“Leading from behind” — the Obama Administration’s latest foreign policy for dealing with Libya and presumably other unpleasantness in the Middle East – is an outstanding example of the spinspeak phyla wimpspeak.

It is, of course, something of a reversal of the hoary notion that commanders  normally  inspire their troops by leading from the front,  or at least  making some effort to look as if that is what they are doing. So-called  pure “chateau leadership”  even in 21st Century warfare is still looked down upon by warriors in the field.

However,  this newly announced spinspeak is fully consistent with the previous Obama proclamation  that an  initial  launch of hundreds of Tomahawks at Libya was “not a war” but a “kinetic military action.”  After all, from where else would you lead “not a war” but from the rear.

Apparently, the Obama Administration  has been  studying the writings  of the British military expert, Sir William S. Gilbert.  His sage counsel :

In enterprise of martial kind
When there was any fighting,
He led his regiment from behind –
He found it less exciting.
But when away his regiment ran,
His place was at the fore, O-
That celebrated,
Underrated nobleman,
The Duke of Plaza-Toro.

When to evade destruction’s hand
To hide they all proceeded,
No soldier in that gallant band
Hid half as well as he did.
He lay concealed throughout the war
And so preserved his gore O!
That unaffected
Well-connected warrior
The Duke of Plaza- Toro

Spinning the National Credit Card

Posted April 21st, 2011 by James Baar
Categories: economy spin

As the fight over raising  the national debt ceiling and saving the U.S. economy boils and bubbles,  political spinmeisters are working assiduously to keep you befuddled. 

Be wary of the following noxious soporifics and alarms:

shared sacrifice = gooeytalk for economic philosophy that  the famed  comic strip poet Little Noodnick once defined as “You got nuttin,  we got lots, we gonna share in equal pots.”

investment = fogword for endless spending on dubious projects, particularly spending of money  borrowed daily.

give a little more = faux signal for crippling or confiscatory taxation under the tattered banner “soak the rich” who will soon be everyone.

stimulus money = fantasyspeak for billions of dollars  borrowed by the federal government and distributed to maintain bloated government payrolls  and finance non-existent public works. The phrase  is now  generally  discredited and replaced by “investment” (see above).

saved jobs = suckertalk for political featherbedding maintained with  “stimulus money.”

extreme, extremist = diabolictalk for any common sense  proposal to cut spending significantly with the silly idea of really  reducing the national debt. 

balanced approach = cozytalk for favoring higher taxes for “the rich,” more hidden and indirect taxes for the middle class, and a few token cuts mostly in defense.

cat food = diabolictalk  for the alleged menu  that all senior citizens will be eating if  federal spending is cut by “extremists” (see above).

meat axe = cry-wolf talk for the alleged instrument of choice that “extremists” want to use on mounting  federal spending as opposed to a “balanced approach” (see above).  

 millionaires and billionaires = classwarfaretalk for what used to be called “the rich” until it became increasingly clear to anyone with an above room temperature IQ  (ARTIQ)  that “the rich” really includes one way or another everyone not on food stamps.